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Snaps off of Rompers create Choking Hazard

Health Canada has recalled Living Tea's children's rompers,, for more details look up Health Canada's notice,



Check your Rubber Duckies

Health Canadian has put out an alert about squeakers coming out of rubber duckies.

please check your's, see which ones are affected. Rubber Duckie Recall  

68,410 Madison Mill Foldaway Gates Recalled in Canada

"Instead of putting a hole in the wall I have to carry this hole in my heart"

Dressers falling on young children is a REAL problem, learn from other parents.... Anchorit Watch

Researchers find more babies are dying in cribs because of bumpers than we knew.

For nearly 8 years, a Washington University School of Medicine physician has been trying to alert parents, consumers and regulators to the danger of infant suffocation and injury from crib bumpers. learn more

Not enough awareness or effort being put into preventing T.V. tip overs

Study in Journal of Neurosurgery finds  "Television-toppling injuries can be easily prevented; however, the rates of injury do not reflect a sufficient level of awareness, nor do they reflect an acceptable effort from an injury prevention perspective."

Every 9 hours we loose a child and spend $27 billion / year on Injuries

Parachute has launched The Cost of Injury in Canada Report that shows the financial costs of preventable injuries are rising, while the human costs are catastrophic. Using the lastest data available (2010), the Report shows $27 billion is lost to the economy, surpassing heart and stroke disease costs. Injury is the number one killer of Canadians aged 1-44, with 43 people dying every day. The loss of life is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every ten days, with no survivors.

Viking Stoves Fire Hazard Warning

Viking Stoves have a serious fire hazard recall for a large number of their stoves. For more details......

Recall Dino World Dino Ooze balloon blowing kits

The safety concern is that blowing the balloons exposes a child to inhaling the vapours present in the solvents. The resulting health issues could be very serious.... for more details


Ikea recalls over 17,000 Pressure Gates

Ikea has recalled 20 years of Walkthrough Pressure Gates. For details see..... Ikea Gate recall 

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