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Bathroom Safety

Keep everyone safe from tripping on the toys in the bathroom by storing in this handy basket.

  • Adjustable length fits most tubs up to 29" wide
  • Holds bath toys, soap, shampoo and more
  • Two divider panels help separate toys from bath care items
  • Slotted sides and bottom allow items to dry properly
  • To clean simply wash with mild detergent or slip into the dishwasher on the top rack 

Soft, tough rubber protects baby during bath time

  • Easy-to-adjust strap secures and tightens on most spouts
  • Top opening allows for easy access to shower diverter
  • Tail hook hangs neatly when not in use
  • Dishwasher-safe and mold- and mildew-resistant
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free
  • Ages: 0+ (US)
  • Size (inches): 6w x 4.5h x 3d


1. Slip cover over spout, so water flow is not obstructed. (if you have a shower diverter, it should be visible from the top)

2. If spout cover does not feel secure, pull wing/fin on far side taut while holding product in place. (NOTE: If product does not completely cover end of spout, do not use.)



Invented my moms, this product is great solution to a safety and nuisance problem.

  • It is a clamping device which prevents children and pets from being able to unroll the toilet paper but gives adults easy access.
  • It reduces the risk that babies put pieces of paper in their mouth and saves time, effort, paper, money and the environment.
  • Fits most standard toilet paper holders. 2 / package

The toilet is locked for sure with this sturdy fixture.

  • It fixes in place by being inserted under the bolts which already hold the lid and seat to the bowl. (check to see if you have access to unscrew these bolts)
  • Adults open by coordinating the push of a button and swinging the locking arm to the side.
  • It automatically relocks when the lid is lowered.
  • Fits most toilets and over padded or fabric covered seats.
  • See ATTACHMENT below for details about installation.



Get a handle on bathroom safety with this bathtub and shower handle. With all the new fancy larger tubs today, there is virtually nothing to grab onto to help get in or out. This easy to install grip gives both parent and child something to hold onto. Toddlers can enter a wet and slippery tub safely. Simply press the tab levers to securely attach. Can be used on shower walls too. To remove ... just flip the tabs. A good idea for elderly members of the family as well.

111/2"L x 4"W x 3 1/2"D.


This toilet lock clamps to the inside ledge of the toilet bowl.

  • It is unlocked by coordinating the movement of two separated tabs on either side of the the locking fixture.
  • You swing it down to the side and relocks automatically once you return to the upright position.
  • Will work if there is padded or fabric lid covers.

 3"W x 5" H x 5"D


This inflatable tub helps to make the transition to the big, hard tub a little less intimidating.

  • Contoured head rest makes lying back to rinse hair more comfortable and keep soap out of eyes.
  • When not in use, the tub has a suction cup to allow you to stick it up onto the tiles out of the way.
  • Saves the environment through use of less water.
  • Deflate and it is an easy portable bath to bring when visiting.
  • Also a nice baby-sized splash pool for hot summer days.

 32"L x 21"W outside inflated, inside 24"L x 14W


Discounted - Was $15.50

A very handy thing to have around when you are out with a little one who is or beginning to be potty trained.

  • It folds up into a compact carrying plastic bag (7.5"x6"x2") which you can tuck into a purse or back pack before you go out.
  • There are rubber pads and hooks at the front edge to give stability.
  • Recommended upper weight range is 40 lb.



This edge cushion is great for the sharp edges of ceramic steps around raised tubs in bathrooms.

  • The special Hook & Loop Fasteners (not included, SCK9V, see item below) stick down well in this damp environment.
  • Pad can also be suck down with silicon.
  • Use on furniture or to pad along corners of pillars in the familyroom, islands in the kitchen, suspended counter tops and for the adults, edges of low ceilings in basements.
  • It is also chosen to pad sharp edges of steps into sunken family rooms. Caution then needs to be careful not to trip on it as you step down.
  • This edging is made of the same material to match up with the Corner Kushion, SC2. If there are no right angle corners, this edging can turn gradual curves or be notched to fit larger angles.
  • Also used to extend Hearth Kushion Kit (SCK9).
  • 2"across top x 1" hanging down the right angle of the pad
  • sold in 6ft lengths

Bath time is both safer and fun with this inflatable friend.

  • A hot spot on the bottom tells you when the water is too hot.
  • Squeeze the beak and the duck quacks.
  • With softer sides and smaller space than the regular bath, this tub avoids slipping and falling on hard surfaces while using less water.
  • Contoured duck's back, makes draining water away from eyes easier as you wash the babies hair.
  • A suction cup allows you stick the tub up on the tiled walls to store out of the way.
  • Deflate and it becomes very practical to bring to grandparents or traveling.

 31"L x 19" W


It is all too common, especially when visiting that a child inadvertently locks themselves into the bathroom. Curious fingers can not stop trying to find out what those buttons do. This lock release replaces the latch plate in the door and permits the door to stay closed as normal. Should anyone get stuck inside, a strong push or pull will open the door. No fumbling to go find a coat hanger to pop the lock.


This spout cover is made of soft, high density, vinyl covered, closed cell foam that is not easily chewed.

  • It protects children should they happen to slip in the tub and fall against the metal spout.
  • It has an opening at the top for the shower diverter and at the bottom for the water to flow through.
  • Adhering to the standard sized spout by tension, it is difficult for a toddler to remove.
  • Leave on, except to give a cleaning to the inside from time to time.
  • Can be trimmed if your spout is shorter.
  • For longer curved spouts, people just attach this to base hoping to reduce banging into the end.  

5 3/4"L x 3"W x 3"H

BS 4