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Spring Latch

Spring Latch
Spring Latch

The Kidco Spring Action latch is similar to the Spring Latch, see CD2, except it has a great feature that you can set it into a unlocked position. When you are busy in the kitchen, or the baby is in bed,  you can temporarily disengage the lock. It also comes with an added "catch" piece, instead of just catching to the wood frame of the cabinet. This can be useful when the frame is made of soft wood and wear of the surface from the opening and relocking.

Spring style latches are favoured for being easiest for adults to open with a push of the button. In choosing a Spring Latch you need to consider the space you have to get your finger in, to undo the latch. This involves how much space there is between the counter top down to the top of the drawer and the depth of your counter overhang.  If the drawer is right up under the counter which sticks out more than 1 inch, you would not be able to reach in to unlock. Put your back to children when you open. If it is easier for adults to open, then they may learn how by watching you. You may need to install two, at either side, if you want to continue to keep them out.


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