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The Door Smoocher™ is a child door safety latch designed to lock and unlock single or double pocket doors, sliding doors and swing doors from both sides.  Fitspocket and swing doors up to 1 1/2" in thickness. Swinging doors will need a 1/4" clearance between the door and frame. The Door Smoocher™ can be placed high up, out of the reach of children and large pets. The Door Smoocher™ is easy to install, will not damage the door face, looks great and best of all, will help prevent your child or large pets from getting into areas that could be dangerous. It is a great alternative to hook and eye hardware or putting a baby gate in the doorway. How it works

How to install - Door Smoocher Installation





The Professional Finger Alert offers extra length and industrial strength construction for added protection against pinched fingers. It measures 71" in height and consists of strips of durable plastic. They install over both sides of the door hinge to cover the entire gap between the door and the doorjamb yet stills allows the door to open and close freely. Installs with special double sided tape or screws can be used for a more secure attachment. It has a range of motion up to 180 degrees. White in colour.

See how to install and how it works.

See ATTACHMENT below for installation details.


Children often find electrical cords plugged into the wall something down at their level which they go after just because they are there.

  • This box-like cover snaps to a template frame screwed over your existing outlet plate.
  • It locks in, up to two plugs inserted in the sockets so a child is not able to pull them out.
  • Good for those small appliances with basic plugs, like lamps which are always plugged.
  • Not large enough to cover bulky or thick large appliance or power bar type plugs.
  • Depth of box is 2 inches
  • Only works on single centre screw outlet plates and available in WHITE.
  • See Outlet Cover - xlrg EA6, if you have two screw Decora plates.

Not only do they trip and fall against sharp edges of tables, countrers or shelves but little children easily bump into corners of  pillars in the familyroom, corners of islands or suspended counter tops in kitchen. This is because they do not have good peripheral vision. In some homes with low ceiling edges in basements or suspending kitchen cupboards, this padding can even be useful for the grownups in the house to avoid bumping their heads. In our experience surrounding the complete piece of furniture by notching (cut a V into top side) this edge pad to turn the corners is more effective than just putting on corner pads.

  • Pad measures 1 inch on each side of the right angle, matching CORNER PADS, SC1
  • Sold by the linear foot. (4ft square table order 16ft) As it is cut to your measurements, no returns on this product.
  • adhesive tape not provided
  • Choose below BROWN, BLACK, IVORY 


The standard coily metal spring doorstops with a plastic cap on the end are very attractive for crawlers to twang but could be a choking hazard when the tip comes off. This replacement one-piece, soft plastic stops are a safer choice. Unscrew the old one and by hand use the same hole to turn this new one into the same place.




This U-shaped dense foam bumper prevents doors from slamming on fingers.

  • Clamps by tension to sides or tops of doors.
  • Placed on the door handle side of the door, it creates a space so little fingers will not be crushed between the door and its frame.
  • Can also be placed over the top of the door within 6 inches of the hinge side to reduce the range of motion of the door to prevent pinching on both sides of the door. 
  • Remove the Slam Stop when you want to close the door.
  • while pictured in yellow colour, comes in WHITE or GREY

Non skid feet on either end of this white arc-shaped device holds the door in place so children can not play with the doors and get their fingers caught.


  • Excellent to hold open swinging kitchen /diningroom doors.
  • Simply slides under the door.
  • Will not work on doors higher than 1 inch off the floor.





Children crunching fingers in doorways is one of the leading injuries seen in pediatric emergency rooms. As seen in the picture,  the Finger Alert is hardly noticeable and does not change the look of the home or child care facility.

  • It consists of two transparent, sturdy plastic strips which cover over the gap between the door and the frame on both sides of your door.
  • Fixing with special adhesive, they are flexible enough to allow for full opening and closing of the door.
  • Installs in minutes without requiring tools.
  • Great for home but also for daycares where there can be larger, heavier, sometimes metal doors.
  • For busier public activity centres, a few screws can be added for greater stability.
  • Tested to over 200,000 opening and closing movements, they are very durable, and last for years.
  • Babysecure has used them in daycares, YMCA's and indoor play centres where there is lots of traffic.
  • 47" High, it allows for the door to have a range of motion of 110 degrees.

Check out use and installation video to see how they work.

See ATTACHMENT below for added information and installation directions.

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This Lock holds both parts of a bi-fold door together where they hinge to prevent them from being opened or pinching fingers.

  • U shape channel simply rests and slides over the top of  1.5" (4 cm ) W standard sized doors.
  • Optional insert lets you adjust for smaller door sizes.(see Shim DW3s)
  • Optional easy-grip wand (shown in picture, see DW3w) allows shorter adults to be able to reach.
  • Made from clear, unbreakable polycarbonate. 
  • Attractive, translucent design, no one notices it is there.



This is a terrifically simple, easy to use, inconspicuous, little-known babyproofing gem of a lock for household doors. Most children learn how to open those annoyingly difficult and ugly knob or lever handle covers.

  • This lock is the only lock which allows you to lock and unlock a closed door from both sides.
  • The plastic U-channel rests on top of the door, so it is a long time before little ones can reach.
  • From either side of the door, parents can slide the lock to or away from a peg which is screwed into the door frame.
  • Fits standard interior doors measuring up to 1 3/8" thick and requires some clearance to allow it to slide.
  • Some doors may need some simple sanding across the top to allow for the sliding.  

ADD ON optional (shown in picture)  easy grip Extender Wand for shorter adults to reach. see DW2w Extension Wand. 

Open ATTACHMENT below for more detail information and installation instructions.

DW 4