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Pro Furniture/Flat Screen TV Strap

Pro Furniture/Flat Screen TV Strap

The Pro Anti-Tip Furniture/Flat Screen TV Safety Strap protects babies and tots from furniture and TV tip-overs. 

  • Secures heavy furniture and your flat screen TV to furniture or the wall.
  • Professional quality materials, no plastic parts.
  • Made of metal and heavy-duty polypropylene webbing.
  • Extra long strap.
  • Metal cam lock buckle.
  • Easier to install than all other style straps.
  • Just pull up on strap to tighten.
  • Requires two straps for most large pieces of furniture and for each TV.
  • Available in White or Black.
  • For details about installation, see ATTACHMENT file below
  • Comes 2/pkg.

​see ATTACHMENT below for more details about installation.

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