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Corner Pads

Corner Pads

This closed cell foam Corner Pad  for sharp corners sticks on with two sided tape which is provided.

  • It measures 1 inch over the top, 1 inch down and extends 2.5 inches along both sides.
  • It is our experience that stick-on corners are hit and miss as to how well or long they stay on. 
  • A good deal has to do with needing to thoroughly wash and dry the surface before you put them on.
  • Some children seem to be attracted to the new small thing on the corner and just pluck them off.
  • You can always try and see if your child is not interested.
  • One idea might be that you have some spare two-sided tape always available to replace the adhesive to restick the corner again.
  • Another strategy may be to pad more than just the corners by surrounding the whole piece of furniture with Edge Padding, see Edge Pad or Toddler Shields below.


SKU: SC1t,br,bl,gr

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