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Auto Close Hearth Gate

Auto Close Hearth Gate



Please do not rely only on pictures to decide about choosing a gate. Read all the description for details and open installation attachment for more understanding about how the gate works. You can also call and / or send to pictures to Babysecure for help confirming which gate would be the best for your needs.


The Kidco AutoClose HearthGate Child Safety Gate helps you babyproof your fireplace or span any wide opening.

  • Use to childproof fireplaces, partition rooms from office desks, gym equipment of any shape or size.
  • Doorway within the gate will automatically lock every time! A magnet system pulls the door closed to lock the door section. Can also be left open if door is pushed to right angles on either side of the the gate.
  • Gate can be easily removed from mounting hardware.
  • Doorway within the 24" panel is 18" which you can place anywhere in the gate. Felt under the bottom bar will help protect your floors or the Gate Mate below not only protects the floor but gives some added stability.
  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • Measures 31" high.
  • Basic 5 piece gate measures 128" long (fits a basic 6' wide hearth).
  • Gate consists of 5 x 24" panels, 2 x 4" mounting fixtures.
  • If 5 panels is too wide for your needs, look at Configure Gate SR10n which comes in black and white.
  • Can add optional 9" and 24" Extensions for larger areas or to use as a freestanding play area. 
  • Open ATTACHMENT below for details about gate installation.




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