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Baluster Post Clamp Kit

Baluster Post Clamp Kit
  • This Baluster Post Mounting Kit gives you the ability to mount a child safety gate between two wood or metal balusters.
  • It's an ideal solution if you are installing a baby gate where there are small posts. Clamping around two will give greater strength.
  • Each kit comes with a hardware set (one top and one bottom horizontal bracket) and one Gate Mount to which the brackets are screwed.
  • Not for use with pressure gates, unless using Mounting Cups SR12c.
  • Works with balusters spaced up to 6 1/2" wide measuring from the outside edges of one baluster to the other.

For detailed information about installation, see ATTACHMENT file below.

Clamps come in WHITE. Choose NATURAL (unstained) , BLACK or WHITE painted Gate Mounts. (add $3.00)

Babysecure provides these Hole-Free Gate Mounting Fixtures at a discounted rate as service to help our clients who buy our gates. There is an additional Handling Fee if you wish to purchase this item without buying a gate.

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