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Crystal Clear Mounted Gate

Crystal Clear Mounted Gate

No more need to worry about putting up unsightly gates. You can make your stairs and passageways safe without the changing the look of the home with this sturdy transparent gate. The gate is made of 3/8" (1cm) thick professional grade clear Acrylic to the exacting Europeon as well as the Canadian and American Safety Standards for gate manufacture. Blends perfectly with glass railings.

It features....

  • Qdos FastMount™ Rails for the simplest installation ever of any hardware mounted gate
  • Magnetic Lock with At-A-Glance Indicator™ shows when door is securely locked
  • Adapters are included to work over baseboards making for easier installation to uneven surfaces. 
  • Adapters are also included for mounting over quarter round moldings.
  • Level included for help to make it easier to get the right fit.
  • Can be quickly temporarily removed when needed for times like when moving furniture.
  • Can be mounted at angles up to 180 degrees
  • Includes One-Way Stop to prevent unsafe opening over the stairs and easier use of the latching mechanism.
  • Clean with mild soap and microfiber cloth.
  • Hinge side Fixtures are 31" H, need additional 1 1/2" drop down space to place into the top fixture.
  • Closing side Fixtures are 32 1/2" H.
  • Expands to fit openings 29.2” - 39.4” (73 – 100 cm) 


sr49crystalgate_hw_instructions.pdf1.84 MB

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