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Mesh Pool Fencing


Babysecure carries the Allsafe Pool barrier products.

Removable pool fencing is an ideal form of creating pool safety.

  • Translucent, it creates a barrier between your house and your swimming pool, yet allows a clear view of the pool and surrounding landscaping.
  • Removeable poles allow you to take sections away to give more space for easier access while spending the day at the pool.
  • Great for grandparents to put up when grandchildren come to visit
  • Stretched into place under tension, there are no foot holds, making it difficult to climb over or under.
  • Installed close to touching the ground, there are no gaps as there can be with uneven ground and metal fencing.
  •  Installs into holes which need to be drilled into the concrete or paving stones around the pool.
  • Can also be installed in wood and over short distances of grass or flower beds.
  • In order to make the fencing safe and create the appropriate tension, it needs to be installed by a trained professional with precision tools.
  • Poles are made of reinforced  aircraft-grade aluminum making them weatherproof to stay up year round, even in Canadian winters
  • .The fabric has been treated to prevent mold and mildew and has been UV stabilized to prevent damage by the sun.
  • An epoxy primer ensures an extremely strong bond between the aluminum and the finish coat of our pool fences.  All-Safe® applies an epoxy primer, followed by a polyester, weather-resistant finish coat.
  • It can and should be left up year round.
  • This fencing meets the safety regulations for jurisdictions requiring 4 sided fencing.
  • All Safe accessory parts allow for greater flexibility in creating right angles, step panels to conform to stairs, raised flower beds or slopes in terrain.
  • Fence can be placed over short grassed or garden areas where concrete footings would be installed to support the posts.
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty.
  • Our fencing is manufactured in the U.S. For safety and climate durability, we only import Allsafe's higher end fencing. Other fencing might look similar and cost less but is more likely made in China and of lesser quality.
  • We stock 4 ft height in black or brown colour. 
  • Custom orders can be arranged for 5 ft height and green or cream colour.
  • Choose to include a self-closing, self-locking gate.
  • Sold by linear foot, (price may vary depending on circumstances involved for installation).
  • Babysecure does not sell the fencing without installation services.

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