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Spring Latch - taller/deeper

Spring Latch - taller/deeper
Spring Latch - taller/deeper

These spring style latches are favoured for being easiest for adults to open with a push of the button. The one piece design of this automatically-locking latch also allows for easier installation.

It locks by catching to the inside frame of the cabinet. which is not always there in some cupboard systems, see line drawing.  Pictured on the left, you can see that compared to the one beside, the back plate is taller. This makes for better support when installed to an inside box of the drawer which is lower than the drawer front. Wider length of the latching catch gives more room to reach in if there is a deep counter overhang. As also shown  in the drawing, you will need to consider the depth of your counter overhang. If it extends more than 3/4" - 1 ", you may not have enough room to reach in to unlock the latch.

Put your back to children when you open. If it is easier for adults to open, then they may learn how by watching you. You may need to install two if you want to continue to keep them out. 


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