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Child Immersion Pool Alarm

Child Immersion Pool Alarm

Simply place the Turtle wristband around your child's wrist. The wristband locks securely, using the key provided. If he or she falls into the water, a loud alarm will sound at the Base Station. Place the Base Station inside the house, within 100 feet (30 meters) of the pool. Set up is as simple as plugging it in. The alarm will continue to sound up to 30 minutes or is reset. Any number of Turtles can be used with one base station.  No installation in the pool is required.  Can be easily be taken to another pool, or to a boat or cottage. Additional rechargeable power pack, (purchased separately) lasting up to 9 hours can be connected to the Base Station to make it portable where there is no AC connection.  Unlike alarms which stay in the pool, rain, wind or spray from lawn sprinklers won't trigger the alarm. The Turtle wrist band has a battery life of  3-4 years when used every day and has a low battery sensor.

Safety Turtle is not suitable for use in seawater. When using with salt chlorinated pools, the Base Station needs to be located poolside, several feet above the water. If you also require alarming in the house, you can purchase other components to suit your needs. Contact us for additional information about accessories available.