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Pool Gate Alarm

Pool Gate Alarm

Wireless Gate Alarm, as an optional accessory to the Child Water Safety Alarm, provides an additional layer of pool safety for children. Alarming occurs if a child succeeds in unlatching the gate, if the gate fails to re-latch after adult entry, or if a child wearing a Turtle Wristband goes in the water. Also, with the highly innovative adult bypass switch, the gate alarm never has to be disarmed. (Note: Base Station and Turtle Wristbands are sold separately. A Base Station is required to sound the alarm.)

The Wireless Gate Alarm enhances the security of a pool safety fence. A gate alarm reinforces the weakest link of a pool or property fence, the gate latch, which is subject to mechanical deterioration and occupant and visitor interaction.

  •   Its wireless, which allows you to decide where alarming occurs, within 250ft (75m) of gate
  • The adult bypass switch on top of the unit means the gate sensor never has to be disarmed
  • It provides an 11 second entry time so the alarm sounds on child entry but not on adult entry
  • Entry time can be extended by holding or repeatedly depressing the switch within 11 seconds
  • LED on sensor illuminates during bypass period & confirms battery is functioning
  • Alarm qualified to operate in weather year-round.
  • The alarm volume can be reduced temporarily for testing
  • Replaceable sensor battery lasts 30,000 entries (includes CR2032 button battery)
  • Simple sensor low battery test
  • Can be progressively expanded through the purchase of additional Wireless Gate Alarms.

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