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Pool Safety

When toddlers are learning to swim, this belt with foam bobbles is a better and safer aid than inflatable arm bands.  In the safety world we do not put any trust in inflatable swiming toys because we never know when they might get a puncture and loose their bouyancy. Most parents do not realize that arm bands are also a hindrance in allowing a child to learn how to swim on their own. In order to learn, little ones need to have their arms free to dog paddle in front of them and bicycle with their legs, to push their top-heavy heads out of the water. The arm bands force a child to be upright with next to no opportunity to use their arms. A belt at the waist area, helps to tip a child forward into a more natural swimming position, supporting the weight of the body core, until their muscles in their arms and legs can do it for them. The belt comes with 4 bobbles and as a child develops their strength, parents can gradually slid one off, until they do not need the support.


The Patio Door Guardian effectively secures and childproofs sliding patio doors in homes and balcony doors. Created with home security in mind, this lock is also ideal for childproofing. Prevent children from leaving the home unattended.

Attractive and functional, the Patio Door Guardian also allows you to lock the door with a 3” gap for ventilation. It works on right and left handed doors. Recognized as “one of the best new child safety products” by the National Safe Kids Campaign in Washington, D.C., the Patio Door Guardian works double duty as both a security device and as a childproofing lock. White only.

• Ideal for home security and childproofi ng
• Easy to install
• Resists forced entry
• Allows for ventilation without sacrificing security
• Works on vinyl, aluminum, or wood sliding doors


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The Door Guardian effectively childproofs your exterior doors, providing peace of mind for you and your family. This lock resists forced entry and effectively secures, reinforces, and childproofs exterior doors. Use the Door Guardian on any exterior or basement door.

Recognized as “one of the best new child safety products” by the National Safe Kids Campaign in Washington, D.C., the Door Guardian works double duty as both a security device and as a childproofing lock. Durable and attractive, the heavy-duty Door Guardian features rugged metal construction which will complement any décor. A subtle fine motor slide-the-mechanism-to-the-side, then swing, (see video below) makes this lock challenging for children to open, even if they got a chair to reach.  The part of the lock you would see from inside the room measures 3" x 1.25".

• Prevent unwanted exits from the home
• Easy to install
• Rugged metal construction
• Resists forced entry
• 12x stronger than a deadbolt

CHOOSE FROM 4 AVAILABLE FINISHES: White, Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel

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Wireless Gate Alarm, as an optional accessory to the Child Water Safety Alarm, provides an additional layer of pool safety for children. Alarming occurs if a child succeeds in unlatching the gate, if the gate fails to re-latch after adult entry, or if a child wearing a Turtle Wristband goes in the water. Also, with the highly innovative adult bypass switch, the gate alarm never has to be disarmed. (Note: Base Station and Turtle Wristbands are sold separately. A Base Station is required to sound the alarm.)

The Wireless Gate Alarm enhances the security of a pool safety fence. A gate alarm reinforces the weakest link of a pool or property fence, the gate latch, which is subject to mechanical deterioration and occupant and visitor interaction.

  •   Its wireless, which allows you to decide where alarming occurs, within 250ft (75m) of gate
  • The adult bypass switch on top of the unit means the gate sensor never has to be disarmed
  • It provides an 11 second entry time so the alarm sounds on child entry but not on adult entry
  • Entry time can be extended by holding or repeatedly depressing the switch within 11 seconds
  • LED on sensor illuminates during bypass period & confirms battery is functioning
  • Alarm qualified to operate in weather year-round.
  • The alarm volume can be reduced temporarily for testing
  • Replaceable sensor battery lasts 30,000 entries (includes CR2032 button battery)
  • Simple sensor low battery test
  • Can be progressively expanded through the purchase of additional Wireless Gate Alarms.

Simply place the Turtle wristband around your child's wrist. The wristband locks securely, using the key provided. If he or she falls into the water, a loud alarm will sound at the Base Station. Place the Base Station inside the house, within 100 feet (30 meters) of the pool. Set up is as simple as plugging it in. The alarm will continue to sound up to 30 minutes or is reset. Any number of Turtles can be used with one base station.  No installation in the pool is required.  Can be easily be taken to another pool, or to a boat or cottage. Additional rechargeable power pack, (purchased separately) lasting up to 9 hours can be connected to the Base Station to make it portable where there is no AC connection.  Unlike alarms which stay in the pool, rain, wind or spray from lawn sprinklers won't trigger the alarm. The Turtle wrist band has a battery life of  3-4 years when used every day and has a low battery sensor.

Safety Turtle is not suitable for use in seawater. When using with salt chlorinated pools, the Base Station needs to be located poolside, several feet above the water. If you also require alarming in the house, you can purchase other components to suit your needs. Contact us for additional information about accessories available.



Babysecure carries the Allsafe Pool barrier products.

Removable pool fencing is an ideal form of creating pool safety.

  • Translucent, it creates a barrier between your house and your swimming pool, yet allows a clear view of the pool and surrounding landscaping.
  • Removeable poles allow you to take sections away to give more space for easier access while spending the day at the pool.
  • Great for grandparents to put up when grandchildren come to visit
  • Stretched into place under tension, there are no foot holds, making it difficult to climb over or under.
  • Installed close to touching the ground, there are no gaps as there can be with uneven ground and metal fencing.
  •  Installs into holes which need to be drilled into the concrete or paving stones around the pool.
  • Can also be installed in wood and over short distances of grass or flower beds.
  • In order to make the fencing safe and create the appropriate tension, it needs to be installed by a trained professional with precision tools.
  • Poles are made of reinforced  aircraft-grade aluminum making them weatherproof to stay up year round, even in Canadian winters
  • .The fabric has been treated to prevent mold and mildew and has been UV stabilized to prevent damage by the sun.
  • An epoxy primer ensures an extremely strong bond between the aluminum and the finish coat of our pool fences.  All-Safe® applies an epoxy primer, followed by a polyester, weather-resistant finish coat.
  • It can and should be left up year round.
  • This fencing meets the safety regulations for jurisdictions requiring 4 sided fencing.
  • All Safe accessory parts allow for greater flexibility in creating right angles, step panels to conform to stairs, raised flower beds or slopes in terrain.
  • Fence can be placed over short grassed or garden areas where concrete footings would be installed to support the posts.
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty.
  • Our fencing is manufactured in the U.S. For safety and climate durability, we only import Allsafe's higher end fencing. Other fencing might look similar and cost less but is more likely made in China and of lesser quality.
  • We stock 4 ft height in black or brown colour. 
  • Custom orders can be arranged for 5 ft height and green or cream colour.
  • Choose to include a self-closing, self-locking gate.
  • Sold by linear foot, (price may vary depending on circumstances involved for installation).
  • Babysecure does not sell the fencing without installation services.

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