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Power Block Cover for Adapters protects tots from in-line adapters with removable AC cords.
Works with notebook computers, printers and other electronic equipment

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Expands from 5" to 7 ¼" long
  • Inside dimensions measure 7.1"L x 2.54"W x 1.56"D


  • This cover encloses standard single row power bars and the large plugs or multiple adapters plugged into them.
  • The cover snaps shut with four child-resistant latches

  • Has a separate compartment door allowing adult access to an on/off switch.
  • Measures 2 1/2" D x 2 1/2" W x 12" L

This chrome coloured Lever Door Handle Lock works with the natural motion of the door handle.

  • It features a push-and-slide action to unlock and lock.
  • A special indicator lets you know it's in the locked position.
  • Mounts easily with heavy-duty adhesive.
  • Unlike a similar looking device which is white in colour, there is no need to remove the door handle hardware to install.
  • Fits around the collar plate of a handle's fixture as it touches the door which is 2 3/4" (7cm) in diametre.
  • Open ATTACHMENT below for more detailed information and installation instructions.



A terrifically unique automatically-relocking latch, created by a professional babyproofer to fill a void in what was available to latch problematic drawers. Thanks Jeff.

Wonder Latch II solves many installation challenges particularly in drawers where there is no cross-brace framing between drawers. Its small size and footprint allows it to fit into tight spaces.

  • Mounts in three different ways for versatility.
  • Can be mounted facing up, facing sideways or facing down.



A thin felt surface saver to stick to the end of the magnet latch keys (see CD1 & CD19K). This pad prevents the appearance of wear, especially on wood finish surfaces, at the spot where you rub the "keys". With these pads in place, make sure the key is always out of reach and that little ones never put the key in their mouths.(6/sheet)


Imported from Europe, this extra long automatically-locking latch (3 1/2") and adapter pieces makes it easier to reach and unlatch when installed in newer cupboard systems or where there is a large counter overhang. Also helpful as lock for solid wood doors, giving adults easy access from both sides.


The original two piece, automatically-locking latch is made of durable nylon. There are latches which copy this look but are not as sturdy. This one lasts for years. Easiest latch to work for drawer systems where drawers fit into the slots of the wooden frame. Locking part has low profile, making it possible to put the drawer back in after it is installed. Good where other latches give too much space to open and little hands could get in. Opens 1 3/4 ".


Similar to the Standard Latch, these latches can be disengaged when not needed by simply turning 90 degrees.


This side-by-side latch locks two cupboard doors together by clamping around two knobs or handles positioned within 5 1/4 "of eachother. Has Safety First SecureTech™ indicator that lets you know when it's locked. Remove the latch with a coordinated push of two buttons on either side. Similar looking, less costing products can be of hazardously poor quality, which children can pull open. Does not work on drawers. You must remember to put it back on every time after use and for this reason auto locking internal latches (as seen below) are the safer choice. There needs to be a neck or stem to the knob for this latch to be able to fit and stay on.


Inside, automatically-locking latch which prevents closing back on fingers. The unique "Trap-Slot" avoids pinching when children try to get in but slides through when an adult closes the door. Allows opening of about an inch. Open ATTACHMENT file below for more details and installation instructions.


This durable, solid construction cover locks in a variety of shapes and sizes of power bars with the large plugs or multiple power adaptors plugged into them. Inside width is 3.25 inches at the base and curves up to a width of 3.5 inches. It can be snapped into an adjustable length ranging from 7 1/2" - to 12" long. Has slots in the back for optional wall mounting.Out of Stock


These outlet inserts are larger than others and so less of a choking hazard if left out.

  • Made of a very rigid plastic there is no flexing of the edges around the circumference. This makes it harder for little fingers to try and pry them out.
  • The ergonomic pinch grip needs adult dexerity to remove.

Down at their level, children find electrical cords plugged into the socket something to go after, just because they are there. 

This Twin Door Outlet Cover keeps electrical plugs and AC adapters tucked away and out of your child's reach. The Twin Door Outlet Cover has side-by-side doors with a two-button release, toddlers can't open but adults can. One press-in button is on the top and the over is 6.5" away underneath on the bottom. The two step coordinated action to open the doors is not something little people are able to do. This outlet cover fits either standard and Decora outlets. 

  • Hides electrical plugs and AC adapters and keeps them out of your child's reach.
  • Modern, twin door design.
  • Converts to Standard and Decora outlets.
  • Inside dimensions measure 5.61L" x 3.28W" x 2.84D".
  • Outside dimensions measure 6.5L" x 4W" x 3.5D"
  • See ATTACHMENT below for details about installation.
  • White in colour, 

Children often find electrical cords plugged into the wall something down at their level which they go after just because they are there.

  • This box-like cover snaps to a template frame screwed over your existing outlet plate.
  • It locks in, up to two plugs inserted in the sockets so a child is not able to pull them out.
  • Good for those small appliances with basic plugs, like lamps which are always plugged.
  • Not large enough to cover bulky or thick large appliance or power bar type plugs.
  • Depth of box is 2 inches
  • Only works on single centre screw outlet plates and available in WHITE.
  • See Outlet Cover - xlrg EA6, if you have two screw Decora plates.

Early access to an Automated External Defibulator (AED) when anyone suffers a severe injury and a heart attack is vital step in today's First Aid. For each minute that someone has to wait for for defibrillation, the chance of survival is reduced by 7 - 10 %. AED's are portable, battery operated devices that analyze a person's cardiac electrical activity using electrodes which are are put on their chest and connected to the defibulator by a set of cables. The machine analyzes the person's heart rhythm and decides if he or she needs an electrical shock to restart the normal heart rhythm. Defibulation sends an electrical current through a heart which is functioning abnormally to allow it to reset itself to normal activity. All recognised First Aid and CPR training now includes instruction in how to use AED's. They are more and more available in public places such as airports and recreation centres. With more awareness, comes the interest in acquiring an AED for places of business and person use . Of the machines on the market, independent studies rate the Lifepak the highest on being easy to understand and user friendly. Please read the attached PDF file for additional information and specs.


The device has a plastic cover that clamps around the lever handle. The locking circular part sticks with adhesive or screws to the door above the cover. Press and slide the locking button to open and it will automatically resets after use. When the lock is installed, it allows free access from the opposite side of the door.


This one-way lock is a gem for closets and doors which swing into the room, such as the basement door.

  • Much better looking than a hook and eye or surface bolts screwed onto the front of doors, this lock screws into the inside of the door jam, putting no holes in the surface of the door.
  • Opening and closing this lock is a simple flip of the metal flap on its hinge.
  • Needs a 1/8" of clearance between the door and frame to fit.
  • Should not be used for doors that would be needed for opening from the other side or for fire escape.
  • Use on the inside garage, balcony, and front doors for added security and keep the burgulars out too. 

Open ATTACHMENT below for more detailed information and installation instructions.





Extends Safeway gate to fit openings up to 66". Manufacturer recommends only on extension. Same extension is used to add to the Elongate. Use as many as you need to fit the space you want to block. Available black.


When looking to cover a fireplace, large opening or surround an area such as audio visual stand or home gym, determine the area to protect or isolate. Place length of cord or newspaper cut in 24" intervals. Place them in the line of the intended gate configuration. If there is a space that is too small for a 24" segment, use an 8" segment. Count the number of 24" and 8" segments to determine the number of extensions needed. See Extension Hearth Gate 8"


When looking to cover a fireplace, large opening or surround an area such as audio visual stand or home gym, determine the area to protect or isolate. Place length of cord or newspaper cut in 24" intervals. Place them in the line of the intended gate configuration. If there is a space that is too small for a 24" segment, use an 8" segment. Count the number of 24" and 8" segments to determine the number of extensions needed. See Extension Configure 24"


This extension adds to the basic Auto-closing Gateway, Centre Gateway and Pinnacle gates to allow them to fit into wider openings.

  • Open  ATTACHMENT files below for more information about installation and reference guide to the combination of Extensions needed to fit your opening.
  • Choose WHITE, or BLACK



When looking to cover a fireplace, large opening or surround an area such as audio visual stand or home gym, determine the area to protect or isolate. Place length of cord or newspaper cut in 24" intervals. Place them in the line of the intended gate configuration. If there is a space that is too small for a 24" segment, use an 8" segment. Count the number of 24" and 8" segments to determine the number of extensions needed. See Extension Configure 8" Also can be used to extend play space of Play Den SR40.


This flat plastic disc fixes to the wall with adhesive and prevents the door knob from denting the wall. It is a safer alternative to the common coiling- wire door stops with their plastic tips that can become choking hazards. If the dents are already there, this can cover the problem without the timely repairs. Comes WHITE, but can also be painted.


Open ATTACHMENT below for more information and installation instructions.


This soft, domed-shaped bumper fixes to the wall with adhesive to prevent door knob from denting your walls. Safer alternative to the common coiling-wire door stops and their removable plastic tips which can become choking hazards when the tip comes off. Also handy for avoiding when the door bangs against something else, like a dryer. WHITE. 2/ pkg.


This U-shaped dense foam bumper prevents doors from slamming on fingers.

  • Clamps by tension to sides or tops of doors.
  • Placed on the door handle side of the door, it creates a space so little fingers will not be crushed between the door and its frame.
  • Can also be placed over the top of the door within 6 inches of the hinge side to reduce the range of motion of the door to prevent pinching on both sides of the door. 
  • Remove the Slam Stop when you want to close the door.
  • while pictured in yellow colour, comes in WHITE 

These covers clamp over the door handles and slide around when children try to turn the knob. An adult can open the door by fine motor reach inside the holes on both sides and a squeezing action. Use to keep children from opening doors to rooms they do not need to be in. Works on standard flat-faced knobs but also a wide range of smaller, rounder or faceted handles.


Non skid feet on either end of this white arc-shaped device holds the door in place so children can not play with the doors and get their fingers caught.


  • Excellent to hold open swinging kitchen /diningroom doors.
  • Simply slides under the door.
  • Will not work on doors higher than 1 inch off the floor.





This Lock holds both parts of a bi-fold door together where they hinge to prevent them from being opened or pinching fingers.

  • U shape channel simply rests and slides over the top of  1.5" (4 cm ) W standard sized doors.
  • Optional insert lets you adjust for smaller door sizes.(see Shim DW3s)
  • Optional easy-grip wand (shown in picture, see DW3w) allows shorter adults to be able to reach.
  • Made from clear, unbreakable polycarbonate. 
  • Attractive, translucent design, no one notices it is there.



Cover up those unsightly cords and prevent babies from pulling or teething on electrical wires, by fastening them along the floor, baseboards, or walls. Cover the cord hanging down from the wall phone or lengths of wires attached to speakers and audio visual systems.

  • These 40"L x .5"W white plastic strips will enclose up to two regular electrical wires and sticks to any flat surface with double-sided tape.
  • It can be cut with household utility scissors to fit the lengths you need.
  • Channels come white in colour but can be painted to match the colour of your walls.


The channels are too long for Canada Post shipping and an order including them will not process well with the shopping cart. Please send us the list of items in your shopping cart through the Contact Us page with your postal code and we will get back to you with the shipping quote.



These Anchor Straps help secure electronic equipment and other appliances such a microwaves, computers, T.V.s, VCRs etc. from being able to move, slip or slide off of counters or tables and fall on top of children. In the case of larger televisions and microwaves, this could lead to very serious injury. The two straps fix at diagonal corners and a special sturdy strength adhesive sticks to smooth or finished wood surfaces. 


Key to open Adhesvie Magnetic latch (see CD19).

  • Keep out of reach of children by sticking to something metal up high out of their reach, ie. top of the refrigerator, oven hood, screw of a light switch.
  • Also comes with a holder which can stick with adhesive to any spot you find is most convenient.
  • Always order a minimum of two keys per household. If you loose one or manage to lock the only key you have inside the cupboard, you do not want to be locked out until you can go out to buy a spare.

This is the only automatically-locking two piece latch which mounts inside cupboard doors or drawers without needing tools and screwing into the surface. Fixes with an adhesive that withstands the pulling and tugging of children. Open the door or drawer a little bit, reach in and push to unlock with one finger. This latch is good for the stereo equipment, cabinet doors made of glass, mirror, varnished wood or metal. It installs in minutes with a unique adhesive that rubs off when latch is no longer needed. Generally does not have enough room to reach in to unlock for "inset" cupboard doors or drawers. Works better when the drawer or door closes to outside the cabinet frame as in picture attached.