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Nursery / Bedroom

This flat plastic disc fixes to the wall with adhesive and prevents the door knob from denting the wall. It is a safer alternative to the common coiling- wire door stops with their plastic tips that can become choking hazards. If the dents are already there, this can cover the problem without the timely repairs. Comes WHITE, but can also be painted.


Open ATTACHMENT below for more information and installation instructions.


This soft, domed-shaped bumper fixes to the wall with adhesive to prevent door knob from denting your walls. Safer alternative to the common coiling-wire door stops and their removable plastic tips which can become choking hazards when the tip comes off. Also handy for avoiding when the door bangs against something else, like a dryer. WHITE. 2/ pkg.


The standard coily metal spring doorstops with a plastic cap on the end are very attractive for crawlers to twang but could be a choking hazard when the tip comes off. This replacement one-piece, soft plastic stops are a safer choice. Unscrew the old one and by hand use the same hole to turn this new one into the same place.




This U-shaped dense foam bumper prevents doors from slamming on fingers.

  • Clamps by tension to sides or tops of doors.
  • Placed on the door handle side of the door, it creates a space so little fingers will not be crushed between the door and its frame.
  • Can also be placed over the top of the door within 6 inches of the hinge side to reduce the range of motion of the door to prevent pinching on both sides of the door. 
  • Remove the Slam Stop when you want to close the door.
  • while pictured in yellow colour, comes in WHITE or GREY

These covers clamp over the door handles and slide around when children try to turn the knob. An adult can open the door by fine motor reach inside the holes on both sides and a squeezing action. Use to keep children from opening doors to rooms they do not need to be in. Works on standard flat-faced knobs but also a wide range of smaller, rounder or faceted handles.


Non skid feet on either end of this white arc-shaped device holds the door in place so children can not play with the doors and get their fingers caught.


  • Excellent to hold open swinging kitchen /diningroom doors.
  • Simply slides under the door.
  • Will not work on doors higher than 1 inch off the floor.





This Lock holds both parts of a bi-fold door together where they hinge to prevent them from being opened or pinching fingers.

  • U shape channel simply rests and slides over the top of  1.5" (4 cm ) W standard sized doors.
  • Optional insert lets you adjust for smaller door sizes.(see Shim DW3s)
  • Optional easy-grip wand (shown in picture, see DW3w) allows shorter adults to be able to reach.
  • Made from clear, unbreakable polycarbonate. 
  • Attractive, translucent design, no one notices it is there.



Cover up those unsightly cords and prevent babies from pulling or teething on electrical wires, by fastening them along the floor, baseboards, or walls. Cover the cord hanging down from the wall phone or lengths of wires attached to speakers and audio visual systems.

  • These 40"L x .5"W white plastic strips will enclose up to two regular electrical wires and sticks to any flat surface with double-sided tape.
  • It can be cut with household utility scissors to fit the lengths you need.
  • Channels come white in colour but can be painted to match the colour of your walls.


The channels are too long for Canada Post shipping and an order including them will not process well with the shopping cart. Please send us the list of items in your shopping cart through the Contact Us page with your postal code and we will get back to you with the shipping quote.



Tidy up electrical cords by winding them into this disk-shaped case. It holds up to 8 ft of cord and is held by tension, allowing cords to be pulled out.




Prevent the strangulation hazard of blind cords by securely winding them onto these clear plastic cleats screwed to the window frame or wall beside the window. Some cords which are particularly long can be trimmed or use two cleats as pictured.


If you never use some of your outlets, cover them with a this blank plate and make sure a child can not stick anything in. This blank plate will fit standard and decora outlets.


The Baby Light is a compact, portable nightlight which makes night time care of infants and children so much more clearer. It is safer than traditional plug-in night lights where babies find them within easy reach to play with. Traditional lights usually do not provide sufficient light when you are feeding or changing a baby several feet away. For some, nightlights which stay on all the time, do not allow for restfull sleep. The Baby Light provides light where and when you need it. Press the button on the end and the light comes on as the lid pops up. It is slim, lightweight and never even gets warm to the touch. Set it down on any flat surface, clip to a book for reading or carry around like a flashlight. I have even used them as a safer alternative to candles in my pumpkins at Halloween.


Key to open Adhesvie Magnetic latch (see CD19).

  • Keep out of reach of children by sticking to something metal up high out of their reach, ie. top of the refrigerator, oven hood, screw of a light switch.
  • Also comes with a holder which can stick with adhesive to any spot you find is most convenient.
  • Always order a minimum of two keys per household. If you loose one or manage to lock the only key you have inside the cupboard, you do not want to be locked out until you can go out to buy a spare.

This is the only automatically-locking two piece latch which mounts inside cupboard doors or drawers without needing tools and screwing into the surface. Fixes with an adhesive that withstands the pulling and tugging of children. Open the door or drawer a little bit, reach in and push to unlock with one finger. This latch is good for the stereo equipment, cabinet doors made of glass, mirror, varnished wood or metal. It installs in minutes with a unique adhesive that rubs off when latch is no longer needed. Generally does not have enough room to reach in to unlock for "inset" cupboard doors or drawers. Works better when the drawer or door closes to outside the cabinet frame as in picture attached. 


This is a terrifically simple, easy to use, inconspicuous, little-known babyproofing gem of a lock for household doors. Most children learn how to open those annoyingly difficult and ugly knob or lever handle covers.

  • This lock is the only lock which allows you to lock and unlock a closed door from both sides.
  • The plastic U-channel rests on top of the door, so it is a long time before little ones can reach.
  • From either side of the door, parents can slide the lock to or away from a peg which is screwed into the door frame.
  • Fits standard interior doors measuring up to 1 3/8" thick and requires some clearance to allow it to slide.
  • Some doors may need some simple sanding across the top to allow for the sliding.  

For wider thickness doors see TWO-WAY TOP DOOR LOCK - WIDER, DW4w.C 

ADD ON optional (shown in picture)  easy grip Extender Wand for shorter adults to reach. see DW2w Extension Wand. 

Open ATTACHMENT below for more detail information and installation instructions.

DW 4