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Hole Free Gate Mount Kit - wood

Hole Free Gate Mount Kit - wood

Our Wood Bannister Hole-Free Gate Mount Kit allows you to create a flat, secure surface to put up a baby safety gate without damaging your wooden posts.

  • Kit consists of 2 Clamps and 1 Gate Mount. (1" D x 2" W (actual planed size 3/4"D x 1 1/2"W)  x 36" strip of wood 
  • One Clamp is clamped to the post near the top and another near the bottom. They are joined by screwing a Gate Mount to the outside of the clamp
  • The two pieces of wood are pulled straight across from eachother so consequentlly do not dent the posts as other strapping clamping devices may do. 
  • They are custom made to fit whatever size you give us.
  • They can be stained to better blend with the look of your banister post or left natural for you to stain yourself.
  • This solid wood clamp works with square posts.
  • Let us know the width of your posts by filling in the section "Order Comments"  in the order form and we will provide you with the right sized clamp. There will be added charge for clamps wider than 4.5".
  •  Extends 1.5 inches out from the point where the clamp is touching your post.

Comes in UNSTAINED, (picture portrays Kit stained BROWN), or stained  WHITE, BLACK or BROWN  

For the purpose of naming a colour in a box,., Brown is shown on the web site. However we do custom stain a few variations of typical wood colours found in railings. Send a picture of your wood work and we will do our best to use something similar. Also send a picture of the gate you plan to use. There are a few gates, typically retractable, whose fixtures may not blend with this Kit and different arrangements would be necessary.

Made to your measurements, these clamps are not returnable.



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