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Hole-Free Round Adaptors

Hole-Free Round Adaptors

These round adaptor components (arrow points to in picture) insert into the Square Bracket of the Hole Free Gate Mounting Brackets. ( sold separately, see GMKsq). Fits 1 3/4" diametre spindles but can also be made to fit a range within from 1 1/4" - 3" diametre. A unique inner padding protects your spindle from any scuffy or rubbing of its surface. For more detailed information see Hole Free Kit instructions in the Link to PDF file below.  Comes in white or black.

Babysecure provides these Gate Mounting Fixtures as a service to clients who support our business by buying our gates.

For help choosing the most appropriate gate or Hold Free Mounting System forward us some pictures and we give you the suggestions which would best serve your needs.

KitNewelInstructions.pdf146.89 KB

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