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Hole-Free Square/Round Kit

Hole-Free Square/Round Kit
  • This Mounting Kit clamps around your bannister posts allowing you to securely install your gate without screwing into the woodwork.
  • Designed and manufactured by a professional babyproofer to meet the demand of homeowners who are anxious to create a safe environment without making holes.
  • Fits posts that are square at the bottom and round at the top
  • Inside of clamps has a special built in padding to protect your woodwork.
  • Kit includes supplies (excluding screws)  to outfit one side, including 2 sets of square clamps, one set of round adaptors, wood inserts and Gate Mount .
  • Fits square posts measuring between 2.75" to 3.5" on one side of the square.
  •  Fits 1 3/4" diametre spindles but can also be made to fit a range within from 1 1/4" - 3" diametre.

You can choose to have the wood Gate Mount in UNSTAINED or PAINTED WHITE / BLACK (add $5.00)


See HOLE-FREE SQUARE/SQUARE KIT (GMKc,) for posts which have are Square at the bottom and Square at the top.

Babysecure provides these Hole-Free Gate Mounting Fixtures as a service to help our clients who buy our gates. There is an additional Handling Fee if you wish to purchase this item without buying a Babysecure gate.

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