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Window Safety

Wind the Blind Cords up away out of reach.

• No screws needed! High-grade 3M adhesive already attached
• Adheres to metal, glass, wood, plastic
• Ample room to wrap long or thick cords, can also use two separated from eachother for very long or beaded cords.
• Easy to install:  just peel & stick (allow adhesive to cure 1 hour prior to use)
• Clear plastic—won’t clash with décor

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  • Childproofing device with push-button removable key provides peace of mind
  • No screws needed - goes where screws won't go
  • Preloaded with 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape so mess free
  • Can combine 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape with short screws (best solution)
  • Tamper proof cover
  • Installs in minutes
  • Spring loaded; easy to engage and disengage
  • Sticks on glass, wood, aluminum, or vinyl

use on

  • Outward swinging doors
  • Cupboards
  • Appliances - midrowave, refrigerator, stove
  • Heavy shower doors
  • Liquor cabinets
  • Windows
  • Inward swinging doors
  • Bifold doors

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Where ever you find sliding glass or mirrored doors and windows, this simple wedge incorporated into suction cup  will stop them from moving.

  • Keeps children from getting into sliding-door closets or falling out windows.
  • Prevents slamming of patio or shower doors and sliding windows on fingers.
  • Stop can be positioned to allow partial opening for ventilation.
  • Measures 2.5" (6cm)  diametre and 1.5" (4 cm) D

  • Keep wooden double hung windows locked closed or in a partly open locked position for ventilation by using one or two of these devices.
  • Screwed in it can easily be set to lock or unlock with a side of a knob action.
  • Brass finish.(2pkg)
  • This window barrier stands 31" high.
  • It can be used on casement or double-hung windows, and mounts in front of the glass for extra protection.
  • Its fixtures allow the gate to be installed on the room side of the window frame or within it.
  • Quick release hardware allows adults to open in case of emergency.
  • Made of quality plastic coated steel.
  • See ATTACHMENT file below for more detailed information about installation.
  • The basic gate extends from 28"-42 1/2" W  and you can add up to two 10" extension"  kits for openings up to 63". See Extension below.
  • Choose WHITE or BLACK

A uniquely simple, inconspicuous, sturdy lock works where doors or windows slide from side to side. So simple people do not believe it works until they see it in action. It is secure enough to keep burgulars out and police impressed. Babysecure clients who have had robberies tell us how robbers, unable to get in  where this lock was installed, had to move on to find another way in.

  • Made of transparent Lexan, part of the device fixes with sturdy adhesive to a flat surface. The other half folds at right angles to block anything trying to slide past it.
  • When you want to unlock, snap this second piece back down flat out of the way.
  • It needs 3/8" of clearance between doors.
  • Use on sliding or double hung windows, patio doors, sliding mirror, shower, and closet doors.

view video about applications and installation 

See ATTACHMENT below for more details and information about installation.

DW 3

Prevent the strangulation hazard of blind cords by securely winding them onto these clear plastic cleats screwed to the window frame or wall beside the window. Some cords which are particularly long can be trimmed or use two cleats as pictured.