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Home Safety Survey

This information session gives parents a personal overview of the childhood safety issues and the preventative steps which can be made in their home. The survey describes common types of injury and includes a room-by-room identification of potential hazards. You learn about the physical and psychological development of toddlers and children and how these affect their safety. Montreal's only Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer®, Nancy Reynolds helps you to see your home from a different perspective. The layout, traffic flow and daily routine are considered with an eye to find the most convenient and least obvious changes possible to create a safer home for the whole family. Time is taken to offer and help consider different choices.

 BabySecure stresses the prevention of injury, and helps parents find solutions to fit their needs. Solutions will include a combination of basic awareness, behavior changes, temporary object removal, the purchase and installation of a safety products.

In addition to this professional assessment, samples of a wide variety of safety devices, such as gates, latches and electrical covers etc. are explained and demonstrated. BabySecure supplies choices for different needs and budget. BabySecure will provide a list of recommended safety items, as well as an estimate of the installation time and costs. Items are generally in stock and installation can usually be done within a few days. If you wish, you are welcome to purchase the products and save by installing yourself. BabySecure will offer pointers on the best and safest ways to do accomplish this.

We suggest the 1.5 hour survery is done with both parents ( as is possible)  in the family. To accomodate those who work daytime, we make evening appointments. You can choose to have a Group Safety Survey where you invite other family members or friends to walk through the information session with you. From the information they learn, they can apply it to their home. Personalized attention would later be offered by Babysecure via internet consulting to help in their decision of purchasing the products that would specifically apply.

This one-stop-shop individualized service saves new parents from making trip after trip looking for products, bringing them home only to find they do not fit, wear out or break shortly after being installed. With Babysecure you are getting an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer who has gone through the IAFCS testing and evaluation procedure. Unlike others who profess to be professionals, they may not have the wider safety background knowledge in childhood safety. For instance, do they know the specifications that manufacturers are required to comply with to make a safe gate? While on face value their recommendations might seem to solve the safety problem, they might actually create a new hazard because they do have this knowledge.  By taking advantage of BabySecure's 30 + years of experience and ACPC creditation, parents can know they are getting knowledgeble information as well as finding quality items that are worth their time and expense for their child's safety.

For more information about Private or Group Home Safety Surveys contact us or call us at (514) 485-2323.