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Installation Services

For those who are not handy or don't have the time (and who does, with a new baby in the house?), BabySecure can install the equipment for you if living within a two hour drive radius of Montreal. Even if you are handy there is a learning curve to understanding how to install items like gates and locks properly. Installing Baby Gates is a specialty of their own. There is most often a need to make some adaptations which need to be done to make them fit. Where we would generaly would take about hour to install a gate, your first may take an hour or more.  Frustration and time lost could lead to further delay.

We have been called in on numerous occasions where handymen, even cabinet makers who were unfamiliar with the products, installed equipment incorrectly, making needless gouges and holes in the process. In our experience, clients generally prefer to avoid screwing holes, especially in wooden mouldings and bannisters. When possible, BabySecure has developed methods of safe installation while avoiding or reducing the number of holes. Customers comment they find the changes to the home are minimal and less intrusive than they expected.

Instead of procrastinating and risking your child's safety, with our installation service, your babyproofing gets done.