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Following a note from a student in a First Aid Course.

"The reason that I am writing to you is to sincerely thank you for your informative course - a course that I honestly hoped that I would never have to put into practice...however, tonight my husband and I were having dinner with my 13 month old daughter when she got a piece of chicken lodged in her throat - I had to perform the abdominal thrusts and it popped out. My husband admitted to not having a clue what to do in such a situation and thanked God that I was there. It was a terrible situation and one that I pray that I never have to re-live, however at the same time, very empowering.

It is with tears in my eyes that I Thank You from the bottom of my heart - beacause of you and your wonderful course, I was able to save my beloved daughter without a hint of hesitation. Heidi

P.S. My husband WILL be taking a CPR course shortly... :)"

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