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Grip Safe

Grip Safe
Grip Safe

The Grip Safe  is a novel and simple idea to deter children from opening cupboards or drawers without drilling holes.

  • Remove your current handles or pulls and replace by sliding in the Grip Save plate through the existing hole.
  • From the outside you will see a flush 2cm  diametre disc and nothing sticking out for a child to grab.
  • Open by touching the Magnet Grip Key, (which you store out of reach,) to the flat metal disk.
  • It will fix to the metal plate allowing you pull open doors or drawers weighing up to 11kg.
  • Because it is not a locking mechanism, if they think of it, a little person might learn to open the cupboard drawer by pulling from the bottom or exposed outside edges.
  • It may be the only way you can make it difficult to open those commonly found ,4 stacking  set of kitchen drawers (with no spaces inbetween)  where you can not find a traditional two piece latch to fit. (The WONDER LATCH II is the only latch that may lock these types of drawers)
  • Package contains 4 screw plates and one Grip Key.

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