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Safe Edge - 78"

Safe Edge - 78"

Surround the edge of your raised fireplace hearth with this closed-cell foam padding and protect your little ones from the rough, hard and sharp corners.

  • Closed-cell foam is denser than foam padding normally found in hardware stores and therefore provides more cushioning and is less likely to be picked at or chewed.
  • The pad measures 2.1/4" across the top and 2 1/4" on the drop down.
  • Kit consists of one 48 inch strip and 2 pre-fab corners, 6" x 9".
  • Will fit fireplace ranging up to 60" wide with 9" depth or 66" wide and 6" deep.
  • Can be cut with a bread knife to fit any size in between. 
  • Padding fixes with attached adhesive and will stick to brick, stone, ceramic, or marble.
  • For wider fireplaces see SCK12 SafeEdge - 150" or  use the 54" extension, SCK12P.
  • Choose BROWN, GRAY or BLACK.

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