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Tot Lock

Tot Lock

Next to magical, touch your the front of your closed cupboard drawers or doors with the knob-shaped "key" and presto, they unlock. 

  • The Tot Lock is the orginial magnetic child safety latch which others now have copied
  • It is well constructed and warranted for life not to break .
  • The cabinet doors stay firmly closed, so there no worry about your having enough space to reach in under wide counter overhangs or little ones getting fingers smashed as with the typical two piece inside latches.
  • Latch can be set to an unlocked position, making them great for grandma's house or when your busy in the kitchen and the children are asleep. Make sure to remember to lock them later.

The Key to open the latch is sold separately  (See Tot Lock Key CD1K) See ATTACHMENT file below for further installations details.

CD1instructions.doc795.5 KB

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