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Safe Feeder Starter Kit

Safe Feeder Starter Kit

Allow your little one the independence of being able to feed themselves fresh foods without the worry of them biting off a chunk and choking on it. Your baby sucks or gums on the sturdy nylon mesh bag which is securely fastened to a dishwasher safe holder. Ring shape of the holder makes for easy handling and little hands. Use also when baby is teething by putting frozen cubes of juice or water in the Feeder's bag. U.S. FDA approved, this feeder was invented by a concerned Dad. made with no Latex, PVC or Phthalates. Wash in the dishwasher. Purchase replacement bags to always have a clean bag available. Dispose of the bag when there a signs of wear. This starter kit ensures you always have a feeder which is clean and ready to use. Comes with two complete feeders and 2 replacement bags. Terrific original baby gift.

SKU: KS11s