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Walkthrough Gates - Mounting Cup

Walkthrough Gates - Mounting Cup

These mounting cups add extra security when installing Walkthrough Pressure gates. The pressure pad of the gate fits inside these cups and allows you to install these gates knowing that they will stay in the proper position and will need little or no future adjusting. Installs with # 6 flathead screws (not supplied). Use in combination with Gate Mount Kits when there are metal railings or uneven surfaces on either side of a passage way.

To create stability without screwing into the wall See Wall Saver below.

It is unsafe to use theses Cups to put a Walk-Through type of gate directly across top of any stairway. The threshold bar across the bottom of the doorway would be a serious tripping hazard.

 Babysecure provides these Mounting Cups as a service to help our clients who buy our gates. There is an additional Handling Fee if you wish to purchase this item without buying a Babysecure gate.

SKU: SR12c

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