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The GateMate is a universal floor protector protects wood floors from scratches caused by Walkthrough Pressure or long width gates (Configure or Hearth gates) with inner doorways. Rubberized-like treds on the bottom also helps to give some stability to keep the gate from moving. There is a “glow in the dark” feature to alert sleepy parents of the tripping hazard at night.

Fits all manufacturers’ gate frames
● The two floor protectors can be used together on one gate or separately on two gates
● Glows in the Dark to alert of bottom bar tripping hazard
● Clear color to blend with all colors of gates
● Pack of two


Never trip on your gate again, with the KidCo Step Plate. This Step Plate allows you to safely walk through the doorways found in Walk Through or Wide Opening gates. No more worrying about stumbling on the bottom bar across the opening. Instead of the blunt square bar, this step plate creates a ramp. Installs by lifting the gate up and sliding down into the Step Plate.  Get two... one for each side. As with all Walkthrough Gates, not safe to use at direct top of stairs.

Gray in colour with a textured finish for added safety.




Please do not rely only on pictures to decide about choosing a gate. Read all the description for details for more understanding about how the gate works. You can also call and / or send to pictures to Babysecure for help confirming which gate would be the best for your needs.

This Construct a Shape Gate baby safety gate fits wide and unusual shaped areas.

  • Make a straight line or shape it into semicircle, L , U shapes or connect onto itself to be an larger playpen.
  • Use to surround stairs, office desks, gym equipment , divide rooms, or a shape into an L for offset tops of stairs..
  • Doorway within the gate automatically closes and locks. A magnet system pulls the door closed to lock the door section. Doorway will stay open on either side if put at right angles to the gate.
  • Gate can be quickly removed from mounting fixtures, folded on itself and stored. Mounting fixtures are thin plates which will be hardly noticeable if you temporarily want to remove the gate.
  • Door panel is "30" with a 24" wide door opening which you can place anywhere in the gate.
  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • Can add optional extensions to make as long as you want or use as a freestanding play area.
  • Basic 3 piece Construct a Gate measures 86" long and consists of 1 x Doorway Panel 30", 2 x 24" panels and 2 x 4" Mounting Fixtures. All panel hinge point ends can be articulated to make straight or angled lines. The exception  would be the end Mounting Fixtures which must come out for their installation location at right angles.
  • Measures 31" high.
  • Available in WHITE or BLACK.
  • Add or substitue  9" and 24" extensions for larger openings or to fine tune shape wanted. see extensions below.



Please do not rely only on pictures to decide about choosing a gate. Read all the description for details and open installation attachment for more understanding about how the gate works. You can also call and / or send to pictures to Babysecure for help confirming which gate would be the best for your needs.


The Kidco AutoClose HearthGate Child Safety Gate helps you babyproof your fireplace or span any wide opening.

  • Use to childproof fireplaces, partition rooms from office desks, gym equipment of any shape or size.
  • Doorway within the gate will automatically lock every time! A magnet system pulls the door closed to lock the door section. Can also be left open if door is pushed to right angles on either side of the the gate.
  • Gate can be easily removed from mounting hardware.
  • Doorway within the 24" panel is 18" which you can place anywhere in the gate. Felt under the bottom bar will help protect your floors or the Gate Mate below not only protects the floor but gives some added stability.
  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • Measures 31" high.
  • Basic 5 piece gate measures 128" long (fits a basic 6' wide hearth).
  • Gate consists of 5 x 24" panels, 2 x 4" mounting fixtures.
  • If 5 panels is too wide for your needs, look at Configure Gate SR10n which comes in black and white.
  • Can add optional 9" and 24" Extensions for larger areas or to use as a freestanding play area. 
  • Open ATTACHMENT below for details about gate installation.





This Retractable Baby Safety Gate helps keep your baby safe and comes with two sets of mounting fixtures which allow you to easily move the gate between two different locations.

    • Fits narrowest of openings and expands to fit wider openings up to 55"/140cm.and is 35"H.
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
    • Works in doorways, hallways and on stairs.
    • Sturdy and durable mesh.
    • Space efficient, it retracts out of the way when not in use.
    • UV protected.
    • Comes with mounting template for easy installation.
    • Can only be used at top of stairs if it can be placed 6" back from the edge of the top stair.
    • Can be mounted within the door frame or on the outside.
    • Comes with mounting template to make installation easier.
    • Opens with a push down and turn a dial at the top of the hinge casing, then unhook from fixtures on opposite side.
    • Retracting sound can be avoided by keeping the dial depressed as you let it to roll back.
    • For help to when mounting to uneven surfaces with baseboards, you can purchase spacers (sold seperately). See ATTACHMENT below for more installation details. 
    • See how to install
    • While shown in White only Black available.
    • one in STOCK



A Neutral, light maple wood gate which swings in both directions and has a child proof latch that can be operated with one hand. It opens on one end and partially retracts on itself to allow for a less wide rotation when walking through. Mounting fixtures allow for placement where the gate may need to be attached on an angle at both sides. Low-profile hinge hardware allows for quick removal. Good to create a semi-permanent half-wall-like barrier to a room you do not want the children to access. Babysecure would not recommend for a high traffic places.Measures 46" - 63" W x 30" H 


The Avant gate is manufactured by the company who originated this style of roll away gate. After several years of redevelopement they have added some features.

  • The gate rolls into case so it "disappears" when not in use.
  • Use for doorways, hallways or bottom of stairs.
  • One hand operation though at its widest two hands usually helps.
  • Can be set for either automatic or manual locking.
  • Automatic setting has a delayed release button that gives you time to walk through before the gate locks.
  • Manual setting keeps the gate unlocked until you turn it to locking position
  • Measures 32" high.
  • Fits small areas and openings up to 51" wide.
  • New Modern design.
  • Brushed aluminum casing and soft, sturdy, wrinkle-free mesh.
  • Holds up to 220 lbs.
  • Easy to install to flat surfaces, for help to create flat surface see Gate Mounting Kits.
  • Winner of the 2009 JPMA Innovation Awards Competition.
  • Only works where fixtures can be mounted straight across from each other.
  • Best used to between two rooms or base of stairs.
  • Only suitable at top of stairs where gate can be placed 6 inches back from the edge of the top step.
  • to see how it works

For added general information about gates, check out Gates - need to know

To avoid screwing your gate into your bannisters and for easier installation , see Hole-Free Mounting Kits




This is widest possible removeable pressure gate on the market. The gate looks like the side of a playpen with washable padded nylon fabric covering. It stays in place with telescoping spring loaded metal tubing and has quick-fold collapsible sides for easy setup, removal and storage. Adjusts to baseboards and uneven walls with rubber caps to protect the walls. Includes travel bag for portability and compact storage. Good to leave up in wide openings of little used areas to create off-limits rooms. Not for tops of stairways or convenient to remove and put back in high traffic areas. Colour is warm mushroom beige with white mesh. Fits openings from 38" to 60"W and 27" H


A semi-permanent, clean, trim looking pressure gate gives you the advantages of easy passage between rooms without having to install with screws.

  • Avoid the inconvenience of removeable pressure gates which require you to put the whole thing in, lift out to pass through and then turn around to put it back.
  • The U-shaped frame stays firmly in place with four non-skid mounting pads that protect your walls and woodwork.
  • You walk through the centre by means of an inner doorway which can be opened with one hand and swings in both directions.
  • Not suitable for tops of stairs because the bar bottom of the U is a tripping hazard.
  • Y-shaped fixtures, (see SPINDLE MOUNT, SR29 in ACCESSORIES below)  replace the pads (on one side only) to allow for secure mounting to narrow spindle or turned bannister posts. 
  • Also check out the WALL SAVER which would help protect the wall and create better fit with moldings.
  • Gate also in a Wood look, see below CENTRE GATEWAY - WOOD SR12w.
  • Basic gate measures 29.5H and extends 29" - 37" W.
  • Addition of a combination of 5.5" or 12.5 EXTENTIONS as seen in ACCESSORIES below allows the gate to fit openings up to 6ft W
  • To learn more details about the Extensions needed for your size opening and installation instructions open the ATTACHMENT file below.
  • Choose WHITE or BLACK